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Photograph of a woman in a white shirt standing next to a book shelf.

Angie Herrick

Hi - I'm Angie


I'm SFPL's director, but I began working as the Children's Librarian in 2011 and ever since, I have become one of the lucky few that gets to say that I love my job.  I am a vivacious reader, not only because I enjoy it, but also so I can recommend and discuss books with all of my patrons.  It always makes me smile when I know I put the right book in the hands of the right person. My job is all about making people connect with books and the library in a positive way.


Photograph of a woman wearing a black shirt and dangly earrings standing to the right of a book shelf

Gabrielle Hunter

Youth Services Librarian

Hi - I’m Gabrielle

I love books.  I know...sounds obvious.  But truth is truth, even if it has already been said by 10 billion mouths.  I will be 10 billion and 1. My love for books started at 8 years old. I worked with the school librarian, re-shelving books once or twice a week.  I still love to organize books.  They are my favorite decorations too.  Books create interactive environments with so much potential...ideas leaking out and influencing us with memories of good tales read, and promises of fantastic adventures to come, if we were just to stop, crack open a cover, and look inside. 


Come visit me in the Tower here at the library and tell me about your favorite children's or young adult books.  I am excited to learn more about authors I have yet to discover, as well as unfamiliar books and stories that inspired or still inspire you. I hope to get inspired too!  

Photograph of a woman in a black vest and brown shirt standing next to a book shelf

Bree Bussell-Fitzgerald

Adult Services Librarian

Hi- I’m Bree

I started working at the Skowhegan Public Library in February of 2017 and it has been very different from what I thought working at a library would be like. It’s lively and has a very happy atmosphere. As the Adult Services Librarian, I love helping folks find new authors to try - and seeing how genuinely happy people are when they get a new book they’ve been waiting for makes my days brighter. I grew up an avid reader but as I got older my time was consumed with other things. Being a part of the library has made me realize that there is always time to open a good book and immerse yourself in a new world of perspectives!

Photograph of a woman in a pale yellow shirt with her hair up in a bun, standing in front of a bookshelf

Lydia Dore

Library Aide

Hi - I'm Lydia


I'm a longtime patron of SFPL, having come here since I was a child, and it's one of my favorite places to be! That's why I was so excited to start working here as a library aide. I'm an avid reader (of fantasy mostly) and love getting to interact with all of our patrons.


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