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Welcome to the computer lab! We offer printing, copying, and faxes services for a small fee, as well as 3D printing. Computer lab services can be paid for by cash or check.

We allow free usage of our computers, for both library cardholders and non-cardholders.


There is a time limit of 30 minutes at a time and a maximum of two computer sessions daily per person. This rule is flexible if there are no other patrons waiting for a computer.

If you need more time on a computer to conduct a longer project like applying for jobs, conducting genealogy research, or working on homework please let our technology librarian Josie know and she will set you up with a longer time limit.

Computer Lab


Keyboard Closeup


Printing costs $0.25 per black & white page or $0.50 per color page. Double-sided prints are considered two pages.

3D Printer

3D Printing

Please see our 3D Printing page for details on guidelines and pricing.

Man Using Computer Printer


Copying costs $0.25 per black & white page or $0.50 per color page/ Double-sided copies are considered two pages.


Tech Help

On site assistance with basic technology questions available time and availability permitting. For more complex questions, please email, be sure to include your question and type of device you need assistance with (along with make and model if possible).

Man in Suit Signing


Faxing costs $1.50 for the first page sent, and $0.50 per each extra page, up to $6.00 (even if you are faxing more than 10 pages). Incoming faxes cost $0.25 per page.

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